Delegate Assembly

2020 Delegate Assembly

The OEA Board of Directors has voted to hold a virtual Delegate Assembly on Saturday, May 9. Delegate Assembly Handbooks have been mailed to delegates and Green Delegates can find their copies of the handbook in the members only section of this website. More information on how to contect to the meeting and how voting will occur will be sent to delegates in the near future. 

Delegate trainings will be held virtually as well. Those days and times will be announced soon.

Delegate Credentials

While Delegate and Alternate Delegate Credentials forms were due March 15, we are still accepting credentials. Please complete the form and return to Rheta Kennedy at rkennedy@okea.org or fax them to her at 405.524.0350. 

The COVID-19 Pandemic has obviously made the 2020 OEA Delegate Assembly impossible to be completed in person, as we usually do. We will miss seeing familiar faces and meeting new attendees at our annual gathering of members to vote on OEA’s business.

But the show must go on.

So, for this year’s Delegate Assembly, delegates will attend, participate, and vote through the GoTo Webinar app. Here’s what you need to know about this unique process.

If you are a delegate for this year’s DA, you’ll first need to register for the session. You can do this ahead of time or before joining. 

You should receive an e-mail with your confirmation code both one day and one hour before the scheduled Webinar.

Enter your contact information and fill out any other required fields, then click “Register.”

the App


Go to your phone’s app store and search: “GoTo Webinar.” There is a separate service by the same company called “GoTo Meeting.” DO NOT DOWNLOAD GoTo Meeting.

Download “GoTo Webinar.”

Desktop (Please use the Google Chrome browser for optimal use)

  • Follow the instructions through the “Register” link in your e-mail.


  • Go to https://global.gotomeeting.com/host to get started.
  • The GoTo Opener “helper” app will launch in your default browser and ask your permission to install itself and the GoToWebinar software.
  • Follow the browser prompts as instructed.
  • Once you successfully download the desktop software, the GoToMeeting Sign-In window will launch from the system tray.
  • You can simply exit out of the Sign-In window (since you do not need a GoToWebinar account to attend webinars). The desktop app will remain in your system tray, from which you quickly can right-click the daisy icon  and select Join to join webinars in the future.

  • When the webinar begins, you will be connected to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. (VoIP). A headset is recommended.
  • If you prefer to use your phone for the audio portion, select “Use Telephone” after joining the webinar and call in using the number, access code, and audio PIN.
  • However, those calling in from their phone without a desktop or mobile app will not be able to vote.
  • Your mic is automatically muted and you must wait until unmuted by staff. 

Questions Box

  • The question box is located in your control panel beneath the audio section.
  • Anything submitted to the question box will be seen by staff only, unless a member of the staff replies to your question in the chat.
  • If you are going to speak for something, type ‘GREEN’ into the question box.
  • If you are going to speak against something, type ‘RED’ into the question box.
  • If you have a question about something currently being debated, type ‘QUESTION’ into the question box.
  • If you have a question unrelated to the current topic of debate, type your question and an OEA staff member will be with you as soon as possible.
  • Once you submit your question or request to speak, it will be received and placed in a queue by staff. You will be called on by President Priest when it is your turn to speak.
  • Your mic will be unmuted by staff and then you may need to unmute yourself as well. Before speaking, double-check the mic icon in the control panel and ensure there is no red line through it.

  • Voting will be done by the poll feature.
  • Once a vote is called, a poll will be displayed and you can vote.
  • Each vote will be timed and President Priest will provide updates of the clock as it winds down.
  • When the voting has completed, the results will be displayed.
  • If you are having trouble voting, try taking your window out of fullscreen mode.

  • If you are having trouble seeing or hearing, try logging out of the webinar and logging back in.
  • If you are having issues and are using an internet browser that is not Google Chrome, try switching to Google Chrome.