Professional Development

Oklahoma Dreamers: What Educators Need to Know about DACA

What is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)? Who are the Dreamers? How is current legislation affecting your students and their families? What can policy makers do for Dreamers and their families? What can YOU do and where can you find resources to help your students? Listen to this webinar, hosted by OEA President Alicia Priest and featuring Sen. Michael Brooks, immigration attorney, and Gloria Torres, member of the Oklahoma City Public School Board of Education. Listen/Watch the webinar here.

Quick DACA resource: offers a great resource in Scholarship and Financial Aid Guide for Undocumented Students. The guide helps explain the basics of financial aid for undocumented and DACA students, plus useful scholarship information.

PL Focus Webinar available to all teachers

During this pilot year, 25% of all teachers must participate in the development of a focused and individualized program of professional development. Pres. Alicia Priest and Jaycie Smith, Executive Director of TLE State Department of Education, recently conducted a webinar outlining the new evaluation requirement. Listen to the webinar here.

Webinars for new standards in English Language Arts and Math

OEA members have access to archived professional development webinars in our Members Only section. For more information, contact Mike McIlwee.

Using the OAS-ELA to Teach, Assess, & Lead in the ELA Classroom

Facilitated by NSU’s English Education Specialist Lara Searcy and the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s Secondary ELA Coordinator Josh Flores, this two-hour session is designed to increase understanding of standards-based instruction and assessment and explore resources that aid in implementation of the Oklahoma Academic Standards for English Language Arts.

On a New Path for Math: Engaging Students with the Oklahoma Academic Standards

Participants learn what is new in Oklahoma’s standards and experience engaging lessons and strategies that will successfully put you and your students on the new path for math. Facilitated by Heather Sparks, assistant principal at Del Crest Middle School in Mid-Del Public Schools and the 2009 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year.

Instructional and Curricular Strategies

Addressing Behavioral Challenges – Explore the latest research-based strategies for supporting positive student behaviors; includes current discipline regulations and how to utilize preventative strategies for students with and without IEPs.

Building Better Brains for Learning – Eric Jensen’s research on how poverty and stress change the brain and how to structure pedagogy and curriculum to lessen these negative impacts.

Bullying Prevention – Stop bullying by investigating the psychological, social and educational impact of bullying behaviors, including cyber-bullying.

Classroom Management 101 – Techniques to pique student involvement and reduce classroom management problems.

I Can Do It! – This full-day, in-depth and highly collaborative workshop (newly revised in 2015) stresses the procedural and relational aspects of the smoothly-flowing classroom.

Recognizing Trauma in Our Students – Recognize the cognitive and emotional impacts of trauma on children and acquire strategies t0 help overcome them.

Teaching Resiliency – For Oklahoma students impacted by poverty and trauma, resilience is a key characteristic for success in school. Learn classroom practices to help build resiliency.

True Colors – A personality survey that provides insight into learning and leadership styles and helps you make the most of both student and adult group dynamics.

Building a Positive Climate and Community

Celebrate What’s Right with the World! – National Geographic photographer Dewitt Jones’ inspirational film helps us celebrate our lives with confidence and grace.

FISH! – From the Seattle Fish Market, the actions of Play, Be There, Make their Day and Choose your Attitude help show us that any workplace can be enjoyable and successful.

For the Love of It – Invigorate your life by actively loving what you do!

Your Summit Awaits – Adventurer Jaime Clarke challenges us to make our dreams our goal and show gratitude to change our perspectives and our lives.

Other Professional Development Sources

NEA 360 Ed Communities – 21 virtual communities of professional practice rich with content and discussion contributions. Join NEA’s edCommunities. Print a copy of the edCommunities brochure.

NEA Tools & Ideas – Lesson plans, teaching strategies, advice and support, and links to resources all on the NEA website.

Better Lesson & the Master Teacher Project – Over 16,000 lessons for core subject areas and blended learning!

The NEA Foundation – Grants, awards, and open-source online courses for educators.

Every Student Succeeds Act Begins – Information on ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) implementation and how to insert educator input into state and district decision-making processes. ESSA Overview, a 14-page summary compiled by NEA.

OEA professional development

Back-to-school in-service and standard professional development are typically booked months in advance, so please contact us early and often!